Bedrag (niet fiscaal aftrekbaar!) :

 Child sponsoring:

Below you can see an overview of every child that is not fully sponsored yet and the missing monthly amount.

Please contact workgroup for more information.

In the main house: 

 Anuska  Anuska Basel - 40€

ANil  Anil Basel - 90€ 

Asmi  Asmi Basel - 90€ 

Arati  Arati Raut - 90€

Nishan Shrestha  Nishan Shrestha - 90€ 


 External schoolsponsoring

These children still live with one or both parents and are taken care of.
To be able to remain in their home situation, we want to give them a chance to go to school.
Shangrila Home pays their school fee and uniform.  No money is going to the family.

For these children we still need your support:


Prabhakar Dulal - found a sponsor!  


Nimita Majhi - 15€


Kabiraj Bhandari - 15€