Bedrag (niet fiscaal aftrekbaar!) :

In August 2004, Wim started the YRP (Youth Rehabilitation Program) House, also located in Arubari. In this house, fifteen to twenty youths live under the guidance of two Nepalese social workers.

These youths get a chance to secure themselves a future through a technical education in various subjects. The YRP House works together with different technical education institutes, offering courses which can lead to various careers: plumbers, car mechanics, joiners, electricians, builders, chefs etc Courses last from six months to two years.

The kids live in the YRP House but go to their respective classes each day.


As long as the kids attend their classes, they have a home in the YRP House. After their education is complete, the YRP House, in cooperation with the technical education institutes, tries to get them into work as quickly as possibly so that they can begin their own independent lives and so free up space in the House for more children.