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Shangrila Home vzw

SHANGRILA HOME is a project for streetchildren in Kathmandu Nepal

Shangrila Home is founded and developed by Inge Bracke and Paul Jacobs.  Inge Bracke is a Belgian woman who lived and worked in Kathmandu together with her Nepali husband. She was confronted with the misery of the street children every day, and she started out by feeding them. Gradually she and her husband improved those children’s living conditions by finding a safe, sheltered place for them to stay. On the Belgian side Paul Jacobs started up a sustainable fund raising program. This was the beginning of SHANGRILA HOME for street children, with a vision to contribute to children’s right to protection, health and education.

Presently Shangrila Home is a non-profit-association legally registered in Belgium as well as in Nepal, which through local counterpart ‘Kids Shangrila Home’ and supervised by Wim De Becker and Dinesh Bhandari, has implemented several projects for underprivileged and marginalized children, offering them shelter, food, medical care and education with the mission of rehabilitating them and reintegrating them into society. 

Through the long-term childcare home, the short-term Youth-Rehabilitation-Program (YRP), the aftercare program for college students and the school-sponsoring program, an average of 200 children are taken care of annually. The project also provides job-opportunity to single marginalized women with children, and to its own ex-beneficiaries who finalized their education and are qualified staff members. A total of 20 to 22 Nepali people work in the long-term childcare home and 6 to 7 in the YRP.

In all programs, the focus is on education, be it long-term or short-term, academic or vocational, formal or informal. In-house tuition, literacy classes, computer-classes, tailoring classes and occupational therapy in the form of ceramic pottery workshops is provided, as well as career-counselling and psycho-social counselling. Every beneficiary who finalizes his/her program will leave the project with a job and an income. Shangrila Home cooperates with other Ngo’s to achieve the expected results for its specific objectives.




SHANGRILA HOME is a long-term project and depends on the support of the workgroup in Belgium for fund-raising. We are always looking for people who would like to make regular donations to the Shangrila account or sponsor a child.